Yonsei korean language school


  • A prestigious place that everyone envies private university
  • Located in Shinchon, the best university in Seoul
  • Recommended for those who want to learn from the basics

School introduction

It is the Korean course of Yonsei University which has the most international students in Korea. Homework and slips are also often conducted, so if you want to learn Korean properly, you may feel rewarded. The Korean language course is divided into two courses. Depending on the language of the international students, you can choose the level of progress and the method of education located in Shinchon, a university town, you can enjoy a pleasant university life!


The intensive Korean language course offers four semesters in spring, summer, autumn and winter in one year, and 10 weeks in one semester.

The intensive Korean language course is a communication-oriented integrated education program that integrates speaking, listening, reading and writing. It enhances communication skills through real-life-related task activities.

Object and criteria

  • A high school diploma or the equivalent is the minimum requirement for admission to Korean Language Education Center
  • Those who want to register for more than 6 months(more than 2 semesters)

Documents required for admission

  • Application form
  • A copy of passport
  • A diploma or certificate of graduation
  • A bank certificate of deposit balance(over US $9,000)

Study procedures

Step 1.  Submit application form &
required documents

Step 2.  Document evaluation period
(Approx. 2weeks)

Step 3.  After passing document evaluation, make payment of tuition fee

Step 4.  Issue standard admission letter

Step 5.  Apply for a visa

Step 6.  Enter Korea accommodating course schedule

※ You can apply for a visa at the consulate or embassy in your country, and please contact the Immigration Office to reconfirm your visa application.

Yonsei Korean language course (1 session)

Term 10weeks(1semester)
Total class hrs 200hrs
Days of classes Mon.-Fri. (5days/week)
Class time 09:00~13:00
Level Level 6
Number of students Within 13 students
Tuition fee 1,730,000won

※ Admission fee 80,000won(New students only, non-refundable)
※ Textbook fee 89,000won ~143,000won
※ study abroad fee 950,000won → 690,000won(non-refundable)
※ Registration is possible from 2 semester (20weeks)
※ Summer course procedures available

Yonsei korean language program yearly schedule

2018 (1semester 10weeks/yearly 4semesters)

Session Course period Application/deadline Placement test
1 3/8 ~ 5/18 1/19 3/5
2 6/11~ 8/21 4/20 6/5
3 9/6 ~11/22 7/20 9/3
4 12/5 ~2019, 2/22 10/19 11/30

※ Registration can be done by the order of payment arrival.
It may be closed earlier depending on the number of students.

2019 (1semester 10weeks/yearly 4semesters)

Session Course period Application/deadline Placement test
1 3/7~ 5/17 1/18 3/4
2 6/10~ 8/19 4/19 6/4
3 9/5~11/20 7/19 9/2
4 12/5~2020, 2/20 10/18 12/2

※ Level test test and Orientation place may be changed. (Check the Lobby Board on the same day)


Resident`s country of applicant

  1.  A completed Visa application, A valid passport((3.5 x 4.5cm, colour photo)
  2.  A copy of educational institute business registration or certificate of identification
  3.  standard admission letter (official letter from university)
  4.  Certificate of the Current or Last School Attended
  5.  Documents proving Financial Affordability

※ The Last 6 Months Bank Statements Showing at Least 5,000 USD (The 5,000 USD Must have been held in Account for 1 Month at least.

※ If the Applicant is Not Able to Support him/ herself Financially,
Parents Financial Affidavit: photocopy of the parents’ passport, agreement letter with signature which explains the parents will fully support the applicant financially, 6 months bank statement of parents bank account with 5,000USD and birth or family relationship certificate to confirm the relationship between applicant and supporter.

※ In countries where an identity guarantee is required, the person must find the identity guarantor personally, and the guarantor must submit a notarized proof of identity issued by a law office and notorized. A minimum of one year (4 semesters or more) must be registered to issue a D-4 visa

If students plan to study in Korea longer than for three months, they must apply for a D-4 visa. D-4 visas are valid for six months, and can be extended to up to two years at the Korea Immigration Office. Prospective students can apply to Korean embassies or consulates abroad by submitting required documents (letter of acceptance, reference (if applicable), proof of academic funding, etc.). Since it takes approximately one month to receive a D-4 visa, students must apply for it at least two months prior to their program starting date.

International students must visit the immigration office in person within 90 days after entry for alien registration. In addition, they must report their entry to the embassy of their country in Korea. Those who came to Korea with a C-3 visa are recommended to apply for both a D-4 visa (change of residence status) and alien registration together.

  • Required Documents: proof of enrollment, passport, and three photos
  • Place: Sejong-ro Branch, The Seoul Immigration Office
  • Tel : 02-731-1799

If students wish to stay beyond the authorized period of stay, the required documents listed below should be submitted to the admission office or branch from two months prior to the expiration date. If the extension of stay is not applied before the expiration date, penalties will be imposed for the violation of the Immigration Control Act.

  • Place: Immigration office or branch
  • Required Documents: Application form, passport, alien registration card, proof of enrollment, three photos (3.5cm x 4.5cm)
  • Online Application Guide : http://www.hikorea.go.kr (E-application > Civil Affairs Administration > Extension of Stay Permission for Registered Aliens)
  • Before the date of placement test: 100% Refund
  • After the date of placement test ~ Before classes begin: 90% Refund
  • During the first week of the term: 70% Refund
  • After the first week of the term: Non-refundable

Please submit a written request to the KLI office if you would like to cancel the program. There is no partial refund after the first week of the program
※The following fees are NOT refundable in all cases.

  • admission fee(application fee)
  • study abroad fee