Study Abroad Support System


“Your first time as a student in a foreign country can be an exciting and strange experience. “

Best Friend Korean Language School will happily provide support for foreigners studying abroad in Korea, from providing an airport pick-up service, to a guide for your school and accommodation, and information about nearby facilities!                                 Also, we have many different services for you to quickly adjust to life in Korea.

Airport Arrival Pick-up Service
A BestFriend staff member will come pick you up from the airport to your accommodation. Comfortably adjust to Korean life with a good start in the clean and comfortable car.

Accommodation Guide
A staff member will help you move your luggage and will give you information about your accommodation.

School Tour
After you arrange your luggage at the accommodation, a staff member will guide you around the school and give explanations of the facilities you can use at the school, as well as confirm your Korean course registration.
Transportation and Surrounding Areas
We will provide information about public facilities such as the subway, bus, department store, convenient store, hospital, police station, etc.

24-hour Emergency Service
We provide an emergency phone service for robberies, unexpected sickness, accidents, and other disasters

Free usage of Best Friend’s facilities
You can use a variety of facilities inside Best Friend Korean Language School for free. You can use our Wi-Fi, computer, scanner, global lounge, printer (not free), and information about studying abroad.

Guidebook for living in Korea
Best Friend Korean Language School will provide a guidebook about life in Korea. You may also get a pamphlet with information about the alien registration card, visa extension, opening up a bank account, and other necessary information about living in Korea.

Local Support & Safety Service

Period Support system fees
~1 month  $450
2~6 months  $690
7~12months  $780

One- way pick up and one- way guide service are included.

This service is available on weekdays 9:00-16:00

If you arrive on weekdays after 16:00, an additional $30 is required.

If you arrive on a public holiday or on the weekend, an additional $70 is required.

Only Airport pickup service (one way)

pick up fee guide fee
price  $170  $180

– This service is available on weekdays 9:00-16:00  (If you arrive on weekdays after 16:00, an additional $30 is required.)

- Guide fee is not included pick up fee. (Not available to book only guide.)


– Guide fee is not included pick up fee.