Study Abroad Information

Are you rushing preparations to start your study abroad life alone?
Get additional support from the top Korean language institute in Korea, Best Friend Korean Language School!

Why should you get support from Best Friend Korean Language School?

As Mins CEO studied abroad in Canada and Japan, he realized that Korea did not have an established study abroad support system, so he opened up a volunteer company to help support foreigners in Korea.
Although it was a tough road in the beginning, now we currently have people from the USA, Japan, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Russia, Taiwan, Singapore, Africa, Malaysia, Kuwait, and many other countries come to Best Friend Korean Language School and acknowledge the study abroad support system.
Studying abroad in Korean has been changed. Let’s make a global Korea together with Best Friend Korean Language School!


A TOP global company that has received awards from Google and TIMES.We would like to share the system that only Best Friend has with all the customers.

For these people

  • Foreigners or second-generation Koreans preparing to study abroad in Korea
  • Those who want to study abroad in Korea but have visa issues
  • Those who cannot find an accommodation to stay in for a short period of time
  • Those who want support from a staff member who speaks their language

Best Friend Korean Language School is not only a Korean language institute, but it also operates as a Korean study abroad institute and offers cheap prices for studying abroad. Also, we have staff that can speak Japanese, English and Chinese that can help you 1:1.

Best Friend Korea Study Center

The Best Friend Korean School runs the “Ikebukuro Korea Study Center” in Japan.
For those who are preparing to study in Korea, “visit or telephone consultation” is possible.
Of course you can study in Korea without having to go through the mail or line.

In this way, we run our “Study Center”, “Korean Language School” and “Dormitory One Room” directly as affiliates. “It is a surprise to me that” all of your study expenses are free

I will be responsible for your safe and successful study in Korea

Why does it have to be study abroad support system from Bestfriend??

1) Procedure for studying aborad is free of charge.
2) Assured study abroad support system
– Immediately through the connection with the head office in Korea, the problems occurring during your study abroad !! Solved
– It’s not an agent that ends up paying for the fee..
3) Follow-up supervision in Japanese in Japan (Japanese expert counselors are always at ease!)
4) school management system after studying abroad
– You can continue to take “Korean language classes” at Ikebukuro school after your study abroad
– It is possible to share the record with the Ikebukuro school and manage the class carefully
– The same quality of Korean language classes as in Korea

Accommodation Information


One of the toughest parts to studying abroad in Korea is finding an accommodation.

There are many problems that can occur while finding an accommodation and it may leave you with a bad impression about Korea. Because Best Friend Korean Language Academy believes that “accommodation culture is Korea’s image,” we work hard to provide accommodation for foreigners to stay either short term or long term in a studio apartment, homestay, mini-studio apartment, share-house, etc. Also, if any problems occur regarding the accommodation, our staff that can speak your language will help you resolve the problem.


Korean language institute procedures

We are acting as an agent in order to help students who need a student visa and study at Korean language institute in Uni.

Each country has many different required documents and requirements to acquire a Korean visa.                                   We introduce Korean language institute in order to sort a various documents as well as complicated study abroad procedures easily.




A visa is required for foreigners wanting to study abroad in Korea.

Each country has many different required documents and requirements to acquire a Korean visa.                                         Best Friend Korean Language School can help you acquire a visa by sending an admission letter or invitation.


Daily Necessities


To live in a Korea, you need blankets, adaptors, utensils, a blow-dryer, and other daily necessities.

Some of these things are hard to bring from your home-country, so Best Friend Korean Language School has these items prepared for you!


Airport Pick-up and Guide


We have a pickup and guide service where we take you from the airport to our school or your accommodation and give you information.

A staff that can speak English will accompany you and give you information about living in Korea.


Study Abroad Support System


Best Friend Korean Language Center can help you have a safe and enjoyable time while you study abroad in Korea.

We have a 24 hour emergency support service with staff that can speak English and can help you open up a bank account, and can help you with emergencies such as medical emergencies.


Cell Phone Rental Service (SIM Card)


There are many procedures required for foreigners who want to use a cell phone in Korea.

However, right when you arrive to Best Friend Korean Language School, you can use Wi-Fi on your phone from your home country. You can also get a charger or a SIM Card through our institute.