Daily necessities

You need to bring certain necessities when going into a foreign country. When you arrive at your accommodation in Korea, you can be uncomfortable if you don’t have these things. These necessities may also be too heavy for you to bring from home. So, Best Friend Korean Language School is providing a service where you can borrow daily necessities!

Bedding Set


Start the day with a clean and fresh blanket.

  • Set items : blanket, sheet, pillow
  • Summer&Winter set : $85


The standard voltage in Korea is 220 volts. To safely plug in appliances brought from home, you need an adaptor.

  • large sized : $45
  • mid-sized : $35

Other daily necessities set


All the daily necessities you need at once!

  • Set items : rice cooker, frying pan, pot, dishware, cups, knives, clothes hangers, blow-dryers, trash can
  • Price : Free