Webcam chatting 1:1 Korean Lesson


“Want to study abroad in Korea, but have no time? Study Korean intensively with a professional native Korean teacher through webcam! ”

Study Korean without the boundaries of time and space!
Learn Korean online at the same pace as students studying abroad in Korea!

  • Improve your Korean speaking skills by conversing with a native Korean teacher!
  • Through our direct correct system, get corrected instantly on errors and mistakes!
  • Our 1:1 teachers will adjust lessons to your level and preference, whether it’s basic conversational Korean or business Korean.
  • If you’re having difficulty self-studying Korean, this is for you!
  • You can save time and money by staying where you are and you will see huge improvements in your Korean ability through help from our Korean language teachers!

Webcam chatting 1:1 Class teaching system

  • Skype installation and usage is free.
  • Students can have Korean conversation practice wherever they’d like.
  • Students can choose which day of the week they’d like for class.
  • Teaching material will be selected based on your level and preference.
  • We will match you with a Korean teacher that can also speak in English.

Course Fee

Special Discount on Korean Classes for Foreigners

TIP : Classes are 1 hour per day. So, if you sign up for 4 hours, the 4 hours won’t all be used in one day, but spread out depending on your time and schedule

4 hours


8 hours


15 hours


20 hours

  • Entrance fee : Free
  • Textbook :$45(Textbook, workbook, material)
  • Study abroad: $150
  • The minimum amount of hours is 4 hours.
  • If you register a lot of hours at once, the fee is cheaper
  • There is no expiration date for the hours you registered for, and you can use up the hours whenever you’d like
  • You can use up the hours on different days of the week.
* If you currently reside in Korea, make a personal visit and receive consultation in person, Won can be applied.
4hours                    159,000won
8hours                      310,000won
15hours                      570,000won
20hours                     740,000won