Intensive Korean short term course(2 weeks/1 week/3 days)


“A course for foreigners or overseas Koreans who would like to learn Korean within a short period of time during summer or winter vacation, or need to quickly prepare for an interview! ”

2 weeks, 1 week, 3 days intensive Korean course is provided for those wanting to learn Korean within a short period of time!
Get 1:1 private instruction on Korean listening, reading, speaking, writing!

  • Class provided for absolute beginners in Korean
  • Practice making natural Korean sentences
  • Learn from a variety of instructional materials and become fluent in expressions used in different situations
  • Study and practice authentic and practical Korean

Intensive Korean short term course teaching system

  • Student can decide which days of the week to meet
  • Teaching material will be selected based on your level and preference
  • We will match you with a Korean teacher that can also speak in English

Course Fee

Special Discount on Korean Classes for Foreigners!

2 weeks (30Hours)

Days of Classes : Mon ~ Fri

1 Week (15Hours)

Days of Classes : Mon ~ Fri

3 days (9Hours)

Days of Classes : Student’s Choice
  • Entrance fee : Free
  • Textbook $45(Textbook, workbook, material)
  • Study abroad fee: $150
* If you currently reside in Korea, make a personal visit and receive consultation in person, Won can be applied.
2weeks 1,420,000won
1weeks 740,000won
3days 470,000won