Korean Tutoring


For these people:

  • Foreigners with irregular schedules
  • Those having difficulty self-studying Korean
  • Those preparing to enter a Korean university
  • Those attending a university Korean language program and need additional support
  • Foreigners who need to learn business Korean while working in Korean companies
  • Those who want to specifically focus on grammar, conversation, pronunciation, etc.
  • Those who are older and feel that a group class would be difficult to attend

Get help from Best Friend Language School’s expert Korean teachers through 1:1 tutoring!

  • Specifically focus on Korean listening, reading speaking, writing
  • Get immediate correction on mistakes and errors made in Korean
  • Learn to correctly express your thoughts in Korean
  • Quickly improve your Korean skills
  • Be assigned a teacher that matches your preferences

1:1 Korean tutoring format

  • You will not only learn Korean, but also Korean customs and culture (business culture, relationship between superiors and juniors, corporate culture, manners, etc.)
  • You can choose the day of the week and time to meet
  • Teaching material will be selected based on your level and preference
  • We will match you with a Korean teacher that can also speak in English

Text Book

Make Korean learners come true to study by the Korean easily curriculum!
「Best Friend」 established “Best Friend contents Development Company” by the Korean education curriculum which is handed for a long year. Finally, every Korean learners can study Korean by using Best Friend’s original textbook.

< In the spirit of craftsmen >
Best Friend’s original textbook is all in one which has Best Friend’s education of knowhow and philosophy. We are truly hoping that this textbook will be helpful for those people; foreign learners, Korean teachers and Korean education institutions who come true Global Korea.

The textbook which 「Best Friend Korean language school」Best Friend contents Development Company developed is written in Korean and is composed based on regular course (2 months and about 96 hours by only one textbook)
This is the <Best Friend Korean textbook> made for any foreigner to study Korean easily and faster. And also this is the new revolution for following the standardization of the contents for classes and no matter what teachers’ backgrounds are.

  • Simple and easy method of illustration
  • <storytelling> method : learn practically and interested about vocabulary, grammar, example
  • Helpful for having conversation with Korean and writing in Korean within 3 months
  • The method for mainly participant not the mechanical method
  • <Off by heart> method connected with grammar and vocabulary learnt before

Course Fee

Special Discount on Korean Classes for Foreigners

TIP : Classes are 1 hour per day. So, if you sign up for 4 hours, the 4 hours won’t all be used in one day, but spread out depending on your time and schedule.

4 Hours


8 Hours


15 Hours


20 Hours

  • Entrance fee : Free
  • Textbook : Student’s Choice
  • Study abroad consultation fee may arise to those who make an overseas payment or inquiry us at bestfriend study abroad center.
  • The minimum amount of hours is 4 hours
  • If you register a lot of hours at once, the fee is cheaper
  • There is no expiration date for the hours you registered for, and you can use up the hours whenever you’d like
  • You can use up the hours on different days of the week.

Class rules
Keep attendance and time.
If you have to change the time of class, let us know by the day before class.
If you do not show up on the day of class or you suddenly cancel class, your class hours may be deducted.

* If you currently reside in Korea, make a personal visit and receive consultation in person, Won can be applied.
4hours      $175
8hours       $345
15hours       $645
20hours        $845

Small group 8hours

A speacial discount when taking a prviate lesson with friends!

2persons / per person


3persons / per person


4persons / per person

    • Entrance fee : Free
  • Small group classes should be accompanied by a similar level of acquaintance.
  • Study abroad consultation fee may arise to those who make an overseas payment or inquiry us at bestfriend study abroad center.