Korean Regular Classes 

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“Education specialized for beginner and intermediate learners separately”
Let’s Learn korean!!
  • Take a placement test to match your Korean skill level to an appropriate class.
  • Correct your pronunciation and intonation mistakes.
  • Learn expressions that can be used in real life situations right away through our student-centered classes
  • Practice conversations used in a variety of situations and topics.
  • The usage of foreign languages in class is prohibited
  • Increase your confidence in Korean conversation through giving presentations!
  • Make international friends through language exchange at our global parties.
  • You can Learn Korean authentically.

A TOP global company that has received awards by Google & TIMES. 

How to Find the right Korean language School 

  • It must a trick to recruit students by providing food at school.
  • Excellent schools have original books developed by the school.

Text Book

<Having original textbooks which developed by a school, means Having excellent curriculum>

Make Korean learners come true to study by the Korean easily curriculum!
「Best Friend」 established “Best Friend contents Development Company” by the Korean education curriculum which is handed for a long year. Finally, every Korean learners can study Korean by using Best Friend’s original textbook.

< In the spirit of craftsmen >
Best Friend’s original textbook is all in one which has Best Friend’s education of knowhow and philosophy. We are truly hoping that this textbook will be helpful for those people; foreign learners, Korean teachers and Korean education institutions who come true Global Korea.

The textbook which 「Best Friend Korean language school」Best Friend contents Development Company developed is written in Korean and is composed based on regular course (2 months and about 96 hours by only one textbook)
This is the <Best Friend Korean textbook> made for any foreigner to study Korean easily and faster. And also this is the new revolution for following the standardization of the contents for classes and no matter what teachers’ backgrounds are.

  • Simple and easy method of illustration
  • <storytelling< method : learn practically and interested about vocabulary, grammar, example
  • Helpful for having conversation with Korean and writing in Korean within 3 months
  • The method for mainly participant not the mechanical method
  • >Off by heart> method connected with grammar and vocabulary learnt before

Korean Regular Classes (beginner)

The basics speaking, listening, writing are important.

Levels Beginner1-1, Beginner1-2
Beginner2-1, Beginner2-2
Term Length 1 level 1 month required (total 4 months)
Days of Classes Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri
Class Time 09:00 ~ 12:00 or 13:00 ~ 16:00
Total Class Hours 48 Hours
Number of Students Average 4~8 (maximum 20)
  • Class hours are changed every month, so you cannot choose morning or afternoon.
  • Classes are open from a minimum of 4 people.
  • If the number of people is 6 or less, the class time is shortened or changed to a private class.
  • Even if it is changed to a shortened class, the tuition is the same.
  • If you only know Hangeul, you will be placed in Beginner 1-1.

Korean Specialized classes (intermediate/advanced)

Practical conversation of speaking, listening and writing with confidence

Levels Intermediate / Advanced
Term Length 1 level 1 month required (total 8 months)
Days of Classes Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri
Class Time 09:00 ~ 12:00 or 13:00 ~ 16:00
Total Class Hours 32 Hours
Number of Students Average 4~8 (maximum 20
  • Class content changes every month.
  • It is okay to register for more than 4 months since the class contents are changed monthly.
  • Classes are open from a minimum of 4 people.
  • Class hours may change due to school circumstances.

[Intermediate ~ Advanced] Korean special classes are conducted in this way.
Korean Specialized Class (SLWGPCourse)
<Specialized classes for speaking, listening, writing, grammar and pronunciation correction>

Can I speak and listen like a real Korean?
Is it possible to communicate naturally with Koreans while understanding the topics of economy, culture, international issues, and entertainment with Koreans?

Foreigners at the [Intermediate ~ Advanced] level need to learn in a completely different pattern from the regular classes previously taught at the beginner level.

In other words, persistent and systematic <speaking, listening, writing, grammar, pronunciation correction>
Is that you need to learn these 5 elements repeatedly.

Practical Korean class developed exclusively by Best Friend Korean language school!

Out of heavy and hard class
High-quality Korean language instructor
You can learn Korean happily based on practical topics.

We will upgrade to a classy Korean skill in a few months.

Level Breakdown Explanation

Course Fee

58% double discount + free admission

More months, More discount

1 month

590,000 won
350,000 won

2 months

590,000 won
340,000 won

3 months

590,000 won
330,000 won
  • Entrance Fee: 150,000wonFree
  • Text Book : 45,000 won monthly
  • If you receive a long-term discount and refund in the middle, the discount benefit received will be deducted and refunded.
  • If you can not use the class due to personal circumstances, If you have registered several months at a time, you can extend up to 4 months only for unused months. After that, it will automatically disappear. Please use all until then.
  • Long Term Korea Study Abroad Program (Registration of six months or more for the overseas study program are eligible for a discount.) Click

Korean Online Class

58% discount!

1 month

  • With the support of many people, we have finally opened <Online Korean Language Course> to provide more foreigners with excellent Korean language classes.
  • Through ZOOM, you can connect to a real instructor at the same time and receive vivid classes.
  • Classes are conducted by online / offline students.
  • In-class feedback of questions with teachers is also available.
  • You don’t have to visit a private academy to study Korean.
  • Now, even people living in other regions or abroad can meet our best friend Korean classes.
  • Online course can be enrolled at a 40% lower cost than taking classes at a School.

Korean Regular Class curriculum

 Focus on speaking


Learn to speak and listen in Korean naturally through 1:1 practice. If you make an error, whether it is a pronunciation, word-usage, or grammatical error, your teacher will correct it right away and instruct you on how to say it properly. Through flashcards, games, role-play, and partner work, you will practice speaking in the following real-life situations: ask directions, use the subway, make phone calls, count numbers, read the date and time, go shopping, play Korean games, etc.
Everyone can Learn korean with us.

Pronunciation Correction Center


Best Friend Language School’s education system provides a special pronunciation correction center. Learn to accurately pronounce words and make conversations smoothly. Best Friend’s Korean teachers can correct each foreign language’s distinct pronunciation problems.
Everyone can Learn korean with us.

Presentation Class


In order to enhance speaking ability and self-confidence in speaking, you will make presentations on a variety of topics in front of your fellow classmates. Your presentation content will go through three stages: 1) a plan 2) preparation 3) presentation draft. Through this process, speaking, listening, writing, and grammar skills will be enhanced.
Everyone can Learn korean with us.

Korean Proficiency Test

Korean Assessments

Every last week of the month, you will take a proficiency test. The objective is to check your speaking, listening, writing, and pronunciation ability. Also, through a 1:1 interview with an instructor, you can experience Best Friend Korean Language School’s professional Korean education system.
Everyone can Learn korean with us.

K-POP dance

Learn famous K-POP dance once in 3 months. It’s free in BestFriend K-POP dance school. BestFriend K-POP school’s professional teacher will teach you so anyone can enjoy learning even beginners.

Hanbok/Culture Experience


You can learn Korean culture and etiquette through cultural experiences such as wearing Hanbok (Korean traditional clothing), making traditional accessories, and participating in tea ceremony and ancestral rites on a set provided by our school. Take pictures with your classmates and make cherishable memories.
In summer we go on rafting at Gang-won province. Make unique memories outside the classroom. Feel Korea. We’ll show you beauties of Korea that you have never seen.

Global Party


Once a month, a cultural exchange party for Koreans and foreigners from all over the world is held. Participate in a language exchange of not only Korean, but English, Japanese, and Chinese as well, and make friends from all over the world.
Everyone can Learn korean with us.

2020 Schedule

2021 Schedule

Premium Level Study Solution

Best Friend Level Study Solution

Korean Language

  • Level Test
  • Grammar/ Vocabulary: Activities, Reading, Writing
  • Conversation: Real-time Listening, Speaking
  • Presentation Class
  • Pronunciation Correction Center
  • End-of-the-Month Evaluations (Monthly Evaluations)

Korean Culture

  • Korean Culture Field Trip
  • Global Party