Long Term Korea Study Abroad Program


Interested in studying abroad in Korea long term?

For those of you who came to Korea on a 3 month visa, if you’re interested in studying Korean in Korea for a longer period of time, we provide a long term study abroad program and can handle your visa issues, pick you up from the airport to a hotel,           and take you on a group tour all without additional charge.

  • Learn Korean in Korea without any visa issues!
  • Study Korean at our Korean language institute at a cheaper price than university Korean language programs!
  • Extend your visa and travel abroad! (every 3 months)

Airfare, hotel, and tours are also provided for you as you extend your visa.
Now Best Friend Korean Language School provides a program where you can study Korean for 3 months or more, and you can travel to different countries!

Course Information

Available Courses Terms Free Travel Abroad
6months course Korean Language Regular Class
Long term Korea study abroad program 6months Once
9months course Korean Language Regular Class
9 months
Long term Korea study abroad program 9months Twice
12months course Korean Language Regular Class
Long term Korea study abroad program 12months Three Times
  • Registering for over 1 year is also possible.

Course Fee

6Months(Free Travel Abroad Once)


9Months(Free Travel Abroad Twice)


12Months (Free Travel Abroad Three times)

    • Entrance fee : Free
    • Textbook : $45(Textbook, workbook, materials)
    • Study abroad consultation fee may arise to those who make an overseas payment or inquiry us at bestfriend study abroad center.

Places you can travel to

  • Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, The Philippines, Hong Kong, etc. (the travel destination is decided by Best Friend Language School depending on circumstances)
  • Depending on the airfare price, return airfare to your home country may be provided (Please ask staff about this)

Travel time period

  • Depending on the destination,                                              we may stay 2 days 1 night, or 4 days 3 nights.

Travel fees

  • The package tour is free (Depending on the season, the travel goods provided may be changed)
  • You must pay for your own miscellaneous travel expenses
  • If you have a particular destination in mind, the fee may be higher depending on the airfare.