Korean language course

Looking for a Korean language institute to study Korean? Look no further! With over 3 million registered members all over the world, Best Friend Korean Language School in Seoul is the number one commissioned education company for learning Korean in Korea. Come and experience first-hand Best Friend Korean Language School’s one and only curriculum grounded on educational philosophy!
Foreigners from not only Asia but also from the U.S., Europe, and many other countries find Best Friend Korean Language School. Best Friend’s curriculum has been certified through association with the top 100 global companies. Best Friend has also received recognition overseas in the language institute industry for its excellence.

For these people

Foreigners learning Korean for the first time

We have a systematic Korean language learning approach geared towards foreigners.
Short term and long term Korean classes are available.

Immigrant Koreans (Gyopo) and Second-generation Koreans

Koreans who lived overseas for a long time and children of immigrant generation Koreans, let’s move away from making simple conversations and go deeper into learning the Korean language.

Foreigners married to Koreans

Learning the Korean language is necessary for your daily life in order for you and your spouse to understand each other. Not only will you learn Korean necessary for daily life, but you can also challenge yourself with the TOPIK exam.

Self-taught students with unnatural accents and pronunciations

Get 1:1 private coaching on accents and pronunciation mistakes as well as practicing authentic Korean conversation.

Those who want to improve Korean skills within a short period of time

You can choose to focus on a specific Korean skill such as Korean grammar, conversational skills, interview preparation, etc.

Foreigners who love K-POP, Korean dramas, and Korean culture

No more boring Korean classes!
Experience the Korean culture, wear Hanbok (Korean traditional clothing) and make Korean traditional items, join our global party, meet Korean friends, etc.
Experience a variety of cultural activities for free!

Korean Class Options


Korean Regular Class

-Total of 12 levels, 12 month course
-Choose however long you want to take the course:               1 week/ 2 weeks/ 1 month/ 2 months or more.
-Choose when you want the course:                                                Weekday night class/ Saturday class
-Participate in a variety of activities such as sightseeing, wearing Hanbok, having a global party, etc.
-1:1 private tutoring in English


1:1 Korean Private Tutoring

-Short term/ long term  course
-1:1 tutoring with an instructor. Choose your available times and content you’d like to focus on
-Choose area to focus on: grammar/pronunciation/speaking/writing, etc.


Business Korean Course

-Beginner/ intermediate level, short term/ long term course
-Understand the distinct features of Korean business culture, business system, company dinner culture, etc.
-Study honorific speech, phone conversations, email conversations, presentations, and real-life Korean conversation skills


TOPIK Korean Exam Class

-Short term/ Long term, individual/ group course
-Prepare for the TOPIK Korean Exam
-Get qualification for Korean college entrance, Korean business employment, Korean nationality acquisition, etc.


Other Special Korean Classes

-Long-term Study-Abroad Course: Don’t worry about your visa and study Korean long-term
-K-POP Dance Course: After Korean classes,                                                                           dance to K-pop!


Orientation: Life in Korea

Various group, individual, and short-term seasonal courses

Student-based Conversation Classes

One-On-One Interview and Grading Evaluation System

Practical and Everyday Korean Language Conversation

Country-Specific Pronunciation Correction Center

Real-Life Korean Language Through Presentation Activities

Korean Student Language Exchange

Korean Cultural Activities (Field Trips) for Foreigners

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