Business Korean Course


“Foreigners who came to Korea to work!
This course is designed to teach you the basics of business Korean, from preparing you find work to using Korean in the workplace. ”

  • Practice Korean honorifics necessary for business, making presentations, real-life conversations, etc.
  • Learn useful business Korean such as writing emails, making phone calls, preparing for an interview
  • Learn about important aspects of the business culture in Korea, such as the relationship between superiors and juniors, company dinner culture, Korean manners, etc.
  • The use of foreign languages is prohibited in the classroom

Business Korean Course

Term Length 1Month
Total Class Hours 8Hours
Days of Classes Wed
Class Time 19:00~21:00
Levels Beginner~Advanced
Number of Students Average 8~10 (Maximum 20)
  • If class is on a public holiday, the day of the class may be changed
  • Each class must have a minimum of 4 students. In cases of less 4 students, class time will be reduced and will change to one on one classes.

Course fee

Special Discount on Korean Classes for Foreigners!

1 Month (8hours)

  • Entrance fee : Free
  • Textbook $45(Textbook, workbook, material)
  • Study abroad fee: $150

Business Korean 1:1 Tutoring

Term Length short term or long term
Days of Classes student’s choice
Class Time student’s choice
Number of Students 1:1 tutoring

Course Fee

Special Discount on Korean Classes for Foreigners!

TIP : Classes are 1 hour per day. So, if you sign up for 4 hours, the 4 hours won’t all be used in one day, but spread out depending on your time and schedule.

4 hours


8 hours


15 hours



  • Entrance fee : Free
  • Textbook $45(Textbook, workbook, material)
  • Study abroad fee: $150
  • The minimum amount of hours is 4 hours
  • If you register a lot of hours at once, the fee is cheaper
  • There is no expiration date for the hours you registered for, and you can use up the hours whenever you’d like
  • You can use up the hours on different days of the week.
  • Students can choose learning materials or can use the printed materials provided by the institute.
* If you currently reside in Korea, make a personal visit and receive consultation in person, Won can be applied.
4hours 159,000won
8hours  310,000won
15hours  570,000won
20hours  740,000won