Study Abroad Support System

Your first time as a student in a foreign country can be an exciting and strange experience!

Best Friend Japanese language school will happily provide support for foreigners studying abroad in Japa, from providing an airport pick-up service, to a guide for your school and accommodation, and information about nearby facilities! Also, we have many different services for you to quickly adjust to life in Japan

we will be responsible for your Japan study abroad as the best of Japan language school in Tokyo, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro , especially for middle, high school and college students who are considering to study abroad to Japan.(available to submit the application regardless of short or long term period of studying abroad in Japan)

Airport arrival pick-up service
Bestfriend staff member will come and pick you up from the airport to your accommodation. Comfortably adjust to Japanese life with a good start in the clean and comfortable subway.

Accommodation Guide
A staff will help you move your luggage and will give you information about your accommodation.

School Tour
After you arrange your luggage at the accommodation, a staff member will guide you around the school and give explanations of the facilities you can use at the school, as well as confirm your Japanese course registration.
Transportation and surrounding areas
We will provide information about public facilities such as the subway, bus, department store, convenient store, hospital, police station, etc.

24-hour emergency service
We provide an emergency phone service for robberies, unexpected sickness, accidents, and other disasters.

Free usage of Best Friend`s facilities
You can use a variety of facilities inside best Friend Japanese language school for free. You can use our Wi-fi, computer, scanner, global lounge, printer(not free), and information about studying abroad.

Study Abroad Support System Fees

Period Support system fees
1month  $390
2month  $440
3month  $490
6month  $690
9month  $790
12month  $950

SIM card / WI-FI


we have a rental service for those who use their phone often in Japan!

You may sign up for this service if you have a SIM free cell phone. If you sign up for the service through Best Friend Japanese language school, we will get SIM card through our cell phone service and give you the SIM card but you won`t have to return your SIM card. You may receive a Japanese phone number within 3days.

Registration + SIM card = $50

How to register

  • Sign up through Best Friend Japanese language school(Prepare your passport, cell phone type, and the fee)
  • After a phone number is issued, get your SIM card through Best friend Japanese language school
  • You may conveniently charge your phone at Best Friend Japanese language school.

Portable WIFI(Wi-Fi Egg))

“you may use your phone right when you arrive to Japan! ”

For those of you who want to use the phone you have used in your home country without worrying about using data when sending messages or checking emails, we recommend this service for you!

period cost
1month  $85
2month  $150
3month  $210
4month  $260
5month  $310
6month  $360
  • Separate deposit:$30
  • Monthly unlimited use

How to register

  • Sign up through Best Friend Japanese language school(prepare your passport)
  • After usage time period is over, please return the Wi-fi egg back to
    Best friend Japanese language school(Get your deposit money back)

In case of phone defects, it is possible to exchange your phone for free
In case of damage done by you, you must pay for repair costs.