One of the toughest parts of studying abroad in Japan is finding an accommodation because there is not much information out there and it is tough to match your schedule with the contract time period.

Not only that, there are many problems that occur such as security problems, hygiene, expensive fees, rooms that are too small, etc. which gives foreigners a bad impression about Japan. To solve these problems, Best Friend Japanese language school provides its students with one-room, which developed as dormitory form. Best Friend Japanese accommodation has been recognized for its systematic housing system and maintains a member of over 3million people worldwide and has partenerships with more than 100 companies.

Regardless of short and long term period of studying abroad in Japan, it is conveniently available to use in Tokyo, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro

Daily necessities

You need to bring certain necessities when going into a foreign country. When you arrive at your accommodation in Japan, you can be uncomfortable if you do not have these things. These necessities may also be heavy for you to bring from home. Therefore, Best Friend Japanese language school is providing a service where you can borrow daily necessities!

Bedding set

Start a day with a clean and fresh blanket.

  • Set items : blanket, sheet, pillow all free!!

Other daily necessities set

All the daily necessities you need at once!

  • Set items : rice cooker, frying pan, pot, dishware, cups, knives, clothes hangers, blow-drywers, trash can
  • Price : Free!!!!!