Introduction to Ikebukuro Korean School

Please do not worry about which languag school you will attending any Korean classroom or Korean classroom!

Best-Friend Korean School with old Korean Lesson Know-how We teach Korean language from teachers who have been trained with the Korean language and Korean teaching philosophy and professionalism of Ikebukuro pride

Foreigners from all over the world, not only from Asia, but also from the US and Europe, are looking for a best-friend Korean language school, and they are recognized for their excellence in entrusted education for listed global 100 companies. In addition, we received a patent from the Korean Patent Office for the first time in the Korean language institute industry, and it was once again recognized for its excellence..
Located in Ikebukuro, Japan, it is located in Shinjuku, Shin-Okubo, Ginza, Saitama, Yokohama

If you are looking for Korean / Korean language classes, I recommend the best friend Korean school Ikebukuro!


A TOP global company that has received awards from Google and TIMES.We would like to share the system that only Best Friend has with all the customers.

For these people

Those who start Korean language classes for the first time

Best Friend Korean Language In the Korean language classroom, you will be able to master Korean language in a week with accurate Korean pronunciation of Korean teacher!

Those who have mastered the basics of Korean but can not speak and listen confidently

Stop teaching Korean classes that you just memorize! I can recommend the conversation in English that can be used with Koreans!

International married couples

In order to understand and live each other, Korean study is essential.
Not only daily conversation, We will help you to speak Korean in various situations.

Korean business entrepreneurs

Job success! Business Korean problem solved!
You can also take the TOPIK Korean Proficiency Test to help you get a job through our short intensive intensive course. We will help you to communicate your business with Korean according to your purpose.

Those who want to maintain a sense of Korean conversation after studying in Korea

Through conversation with a Korean teacher throughout the class, we will create more Korean conversational skills than ever before.
Tired of being in a Korean classroom without a chance to speak with a Korean teacher
We will help you get the best learning result through Korean language lessons with Korean teachers.


Orientation: Life in Korea

Various group, individual, and short-term seasonal courses

Student-based Conversation Classes

One-On-One Interview and Grading Evaluation System

Practical and Everyday Korean Language Conversation

Country-Specific Pronunciation Correction Center

Real-Life Korean Language Through Presentation Activities

Korean Student Language Exchange

Korean Cultural Activities (Field Trips) for Foreigners

Best Friend Korean Language School
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Korea’s Working Holiday Program
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Korea’s Hotel Working Holiday Program
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*Best Friend Korean Language School’s trademark and courses are protected as intellectual property.Fraudulent use of the business name, course, and class items, or use without permission, will be liable for civil and criminal charges.

Ikebukuro Korean School Facilities

Have you found a place where you can rest and relax with a good Korean lesson?
Designed by considering the effect of learning more than Korean class
Best Friend Korean School Ikebukuro, we are your bestfriend.


1F:Office, Counter, Global lounge


5 to 10 minutes on foot from neighboring stations such as Japan Ikebukuro Station, Mejiro Station! It is convenient to move.

having 1F coutner and lounge bright and warm
you will be warmly welcomed by the staff of the best friend Korean school Ikebukuro. We welcome you.




There is a white board in each classroom and a discussion arrangement that can sit face to face.
Focused on the nature and concentration of the class.
In a bright and clean space, you may not have frustration and fatigue even though you study for a long time.



How to get there

800m (8 minutes on foot) from Ikebukuro Station East Exit
Next to Toshima-ku, Minami Ikebukuro elementary school


There are many stations nearby so it is easy to move!

Toden Zoshigaya station (about 3 minutes on foot)
Zoshigaya station (about 10 minutes on foot)
Mejiro station (about 14 minutes on foot)
Higashi ikebukuro station (about 6 minutes on foot)
Mukohara station (about 16 minutes on foot)


1-4F, 3-18-37 Minami-Ikebukuro Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Reservation confirmation and guidance are available on the first floor.

Contact number

Contact number:81-3-5927-1907

Line ID:bestfriendjapan

Opening hours

Working hours

Monday~Firday 09:00 am – 20:00 pm
(First consultation is possible from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm)

Saturday 09:00 am – 17:00 pm
(First consultation is possible from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm)

Working hours

Monday~Friday 09:00 am – 22:00 pm
Saturday~Sunday 09:00 am – 21:00 pm