Studio apartment (One-room)

What is a Studio apartment ?

  • The type of accommodations that is used the most by domestic Koreans.
  • Perfect for a single household
  • Security deposit and monthly fees of rental and utility are required.

Why do foreigners have difficulty to live in a studio apartment in Korea?

  • At least 1 year of the lease contract is required
  • Expensive security deposit is required
  • Expensive placement fee is required by a estate agent.
  • Sometimes cannot be returned the security deposit back in time, because it is hard to communicate with hosts.
  • Hard to solve the living problems, such as cleanliness, safety, noises, etc., because it is hard to communicate with hosts

Bestfriend’s studio apartment ?!

“In order to realize studying-abroad in Korea that eagerly want to be back, we went through many trials and errors from 2004. We finally construct our own providing system of studio apartments for international students. Now, in 2016, about 3 million students all over the world look for the best studio apartments of us, BestFriend.”

  • You don’t need to stay for one year, you can stay in a short-term: 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 months, etc.
  • No expensive security deposit is required
  • Personally use the air-conditioner and Ondol, Korean floor heating system.
  • Personally use a private kitchen and bathroom
  • BestFriend is in charge of placement, not estate agent..
  • Can rent ‘Daily necessities’, which are necessary for a single household. (*Extra charged)
  • Can use ‘Study Abroad Support System’, which we provide a help to solve the living problems, such as cleanliness, safety, noises, etc. (*Extra charged)


studio apartment


studio apartment


studio apartment

*The above sample pictures are taken for some of studio apartments of BestFriend.
*The rooms on sample pictures might not be yours.

Furniture provided Bed, desk, chair, TV, air-conditioner, closet, refrigerator, internet cable, washing machine(communal use)
Daily necessities
(Rental cost: Free)
dishware, pot, frying pan, cups, knives, hanger, blow-dryer, rice cooker, trash can, *adaptor(extra)

For these people

  • Those who do not want to pay a security deposit
  • Those who feel burden for the cost of high-priced hotels, motels, etc. when staying in a long time.
  • Those who get tired of a public lodging house like guest house
  • Those who need a private space no one interrupt
  • Those who want to cook in your own kitchen
  • Those who want to invite friends over
  • Those who want to stay safely and comfortably like home

How is the process of placement ?

1. Applying for the accommodation

2. Check the availability

3. Send the payment (*The accommodation will be booked by the order of payment arrival)

4. Start the placement (*It spends about 7~14 days.)

5. Make the lease contract.(*After the placement, we will send the notice and lease contract document by e-mail.)

6. Check in

About the price

Single (one person) 


A month

Double(two people)

1month(per person)


Triple(three people)

1month(per person)


Less than 14 days


per person / per day


per person / per day


per person / per day

Extra charges

Utility Fee (every month) Placement Fee(only once) Cleaning Fee
(only once)
Key Deposit
Bedding Set
Household Necessities Rental
Room WIFI Rental
Single (one person) $75 $250

(per person)

$65 $20 $150 $90




Double (two people)        $85        
Triple (three people) $95
  • Utility fee single $5/ double $6/ triple $7(per person / per day)
  • Utilities incluedes all electricity, gas and water fee. it may be extra chraged if a fix amount is excessed.
  • The key deposit fee will only be refunded provided there was no loss or damage to the property.

Precautions on a studio apartment(*Must-read)

    1. The sample pictures are taken for some of studio apartments of BestFriend. The rooms on sample pictures might not be yours.
    2. BestFriend’s studio apartments are located in different parts of Seoul.

It takes about 10~20 minutes by walk, or 20-40 minutes by bus from school.

  • The placement will be finished by the order of payment arrival.
  • BestFriend is in charge of placement. Students cannot select the specific room.
    Please wire the payment as soon as possible, because the sizes, conditions, and distances from school of studio apartments are various.
  • After you are placed, we will send information of your room and a lease contract by e-mail one week before check-in.
  • You never get refunded by subjective reasons, such as location, size, fanciness, brightness, etc. of a studio apartment. Nobody is perfect, and no rooms are perfect.^^ Please excuse for a smooth management.
  • You never get refunded or modified after check-in.
  • Please check out the cancellation and refund policy of accommodations like the below.


BestFriend’s cancellation and refund policy of accommodations


  1. You may not get a refund on the registration fee and deposit under any circumstances.
  2. You must directly talk to a staff member in Korea through phone call, email, Kakaotalk, or Line to receive a refund. *Available time : 10am~6pm on weekdays (in Korea local time)
  3. 20 days before check-in: accommodation fee will be refunded
    1~19days before check-in : you can not get a refund.
  4. In emergency cases of last-minute accommodation needed: if you apply for accommodation within the week before check-in, you must pay an additional $80 for arrangements to be made.
  5. In emergency cases of accommodation changed: If you change your accommodation 20 days or less before check-in, you must pay an additional $100 (If you notify us about the change 21 days or more before check-in, you may change your accommodation with no extra charge).

Additional support options

  1. Regarding airport pickup, guide, bedding set, daily necessities, adaptor, study-abroad-life support, SIM card, Wi-fi, etc.
  2. Registration fee, deposit, admission fee will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  3. 7 days or more before entering Korea: total fee will be refunded
    1~6 days before entering Korea: 90% of the total fee will be refunded
    After entering Korea: you can not get a refund.

Other details

  1. All refunds will be deposited within 14 days from the day of cancellation
  2. Credit card payment: There will be a 10% deduction due to credit card fees.
  3. Foreign currency wire transfer: We will use BestFriend’s official currency exchange rate. Recipient pays for the transfer fee.
  4. Agency: Transfer fees and commission fees of the agency are excluded from our refund policy