Share House



For these people

  • Those who want to live with Koreans and experience Korean culture
  • Those who do not want provided meals

Share House usage information

  • You don’t need to stay for one year; you can stay short-term: 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 months, etc.
  • No expensive deposit required
  • Live with Koreans but get your own room
  • Food not provided
  • A front entrance (go through the front entrance to get into your room)
Personal Use Bed, desk, chair, internet cable, air-conditioner, closet
Communal Use Shower&bathroom, laundry, TV, kitchen

Share House Price

Regular(a month)

Placement Fee: $65

Less than 14 days (per day)

Placement Fee: $30
  • Utility Fee, Cleaning Fee, Bedding set are all free.
  • Key deposit : None
  • Any household necessities rental(rubbish bin, rice cooker, utensils etc) you might need can be rented in addition to $90 payment.