Korean language school procedures

It is very difficult to find Korean language institute out of hundreds of domestic colleges.

In order to solve this problem, we provide them with top quality of services and introduce Korean language school in Uni. which was established an alliance with us.

School introduction

  • A high school diploma or the equivalent is the minimum requirement for admission to Korean language education center
  • Those who want to register for more than 6months
  • Possible to get admitted to Korean language institute with low cost of study abroad and rapid process. But, it may be different depending on their nationality.
  • English, Japanese speaker staff stand by at ordinary time

Konkuk Korean language school

  • Private university everybody wants
  • Learning environment that can be studied in lakes and beautiful nature
  • Highly educated faculty
  • Close to the children`s Grand park and Han River park
  • Learning practical expressions used in everyday life


Sogang Korean language school

  • Conventional classes are popular among studnets
  • Located in Shinchon, the best university in Seoul
  • Boasts excellent facilities on campus.
  • Provides all the necessary services for living such as sky lounges, travel agencies, and kiosks as well as classrooms.
  • Uses language acquisition methods to learn the language naturally while actually speaking with sound.


Ewha Korean language school

  • Best Female University in Seoul
  • Elegant atmosphere for women
  • Its own original textbooks, and its curriculum is designed so that you can learn the balance of reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  • Available to use Ewha womans University and Sinchon station both.


Korea University Korean language school

  • New buildings and modern facilities are attractive
  • 5minutes from the nearby subway station(Anam station)
  • Globalized the campus with the slogn “Global KU Frontier Spirit”
  • Actively exchange with Uni. around the world including Japan and many foreign students
  • Have a number of International students


Yonsei korean language school

  • A prestigious place that everyone envies private university.
  • Recommended for those who want to learn from the basics.
  • Provides fruitful Korean lesson conducting homework
  • Chooses the level of progress and the teaching method.