Best Friend Korean Language School Accommodation


One of the toughest parts of studying abroad in Korea is finding an accommodation because there is not much information out there and it is tough to match your schedule with the contract time period.

Not only that, there are many problems that occur such as sanitation problems, expensive fees, rooms that are too small, etc. which give foreigners a bad impression about Korea. To solve these problems, starting from 2005, Best Friend decided to arrange accommodation for foreigners in “one-room apartments, mini-studio apartment, and homestay.” Best Friend Korean Language School has 3 million members all over the world and is associated with over 100 global companies.

  • ‘Accomodation special discount saving up to 20%’ for long-term study abroad program registrants or Working Holiday course registrants
    1.Striking Mini Studio Apartment discount!
    2.Placement Fee free!
    3.Additional discount for Long-term registration for three months or longer!

Counseling study in Korea (I want to go to Korea)

Regarding counseling study in Korea, we can only accept the person who has a specific plan.
So please carefully contact us.

<Short-term study> Do you want to study in Korea until 3 months?

Kakao Talk 

<Long-term study> Do you want to study in Korea 6 months or 12 months?

Kakao Talk 

<Short-term study> We do not have telephone consultations at the phone numbers below.



010 2415 9875


<Long-term study> We do not have telephone consultations at the phone numbers below.



080 4080 3353

Accommodation information

  • You don’t need to stay for one year; you can stay short-term: 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 months, etc.
  • No expensive deposit required
  • Prices are reasonable (we understand that studying abroad is costly)
  • A staff that speaks English, Japanese, or Chinese can guide you around the accommodation

Studio apartment (One-room)

  • Through Best Friend’s Korea accommodation, you may stay short-term as long as it is over a month
  • No security deposit necessary
  • The closest to BestFriend school is 5~15 minutes, furthest is 20~40 minutes
  • Each room has a bed, desk, refrigerator, air-conditioner, personal kitchen, internet, etc.
  • You can have your own personal space


Mini studio apartment

  • Cheaper than a one-room apartment
  • You can use a communal kitchen (kimchi, rice, and basic side-dishes provided), and communal laundry room
  • Communal heating system (the heater and air-conditioner controlled by  Mini studio apartment  staff)
  • One front door entrance (go through the front entrance to get to your room)
  • There is staff at the Mini studio apartment so it is safer here



  • Live with a Korean family and experience what a Korean family is like
  • 2 meals a day provided (follow times and rules)
  • Do language exchange with the Korean family (improve your Korean by talking in Korean with your host family)
  • For young people who need extra care



  • One building has many private rooms (live with other Korean students)
  • Live with other Korean students and learn about Korean culture while making Korean friends
  • 2 meals a day provided (follow times and rules)


Share House

  • Learn not only Korean, but also Korean culture.
  • Live in the same house as Koreans but get your own personal room
  • A front entrance (go through the front entrance to get into your room)
  • Use a communal kitchen with other Koreans