Mini studio apartment







For these people

  • Those who came to Korea for a short-term study abroad program or do not want to pay a deposit
  • Those who want a cheaper housing expense option (cheaper than a studio apartment)
  • Those who believe security and safety is very important (mini studio apartment staff keeps security).
  • Those who do not make their own food (no personal kitchen)

Mini studio apartment information

  • You can use a communal kitchen (kimchi, rice, and basic side-dishes provided), and communal laundry room
  • Communal heating system (the heater and air-conditioner controlled by mini studio apartment staff)
  • One front door entrance (go through the front entrance to get to your room)
Personal Use Shower&bathroom, bed, desk, chair, internet cable, TV, air conditioner, closet, refrigerator
Communal use Kitchen, utensils, laundry, PC, kimchi, rice

Mini studio apartment layout


Mini studio apartment

1 Month

with a share bathroom


with a private bathroom


Less than 14 days ( per day)

with a share bathroom


with a private bathroom

Utility Fee (every month) Placement Fee  (only once) Bedding Set Cleaning Fee (only once) Household Necessities Rental Room WIFI Rental
with a share bathroom  $75 $190 $150 $65 $90
with a private bathroom         $75       
  •  Utility Fee includes electricity, gas and water fee(Less than 14 days $5 ( per day)