Foreign Operation


2015 Google Korea’s “Going worldwide together with Google, Small Business Event” has featured Best Friend Korean Language school as one of their listed “Successful Global Companies.”

2015 KoreaTimes, featuring Mins, CEO of Best Friend Korean Language school as a “Successful Global Leader”


University Lectures

Invited as a guest lecturer for SangMyung University’s “Major and Start-Up Companies” class in the Department of Finance & Economics

Lecture with Professor Cho Bing at Japan Aoyama University

Korean language program

Yonsei University Development Cooperation Agency Commissioned
Korean Course 

Education and traning program for Korean language intructors – Sookmyung Women’s University students 

Live Broadcast Appearances

2017 / Choice of real restaurant verification show 100 / BestFriend Korean language school / flimming 

2016 / Actress “Jung Hee Moon” / Japanese Class

2016 / MBE I Live Alone / Kim Dong Wan’s English study class broadcast

2015 / MBE I Live Alone / Kim Dong Wan’s Japanese class broadcast  

2014/ KBS W Sofa Man shoot

2015  MBC  A Good Day – Experience Korean Food(Interview)

(2015 / opera singer  Paul Potts  / learn korean )


  • KBS / Talking with Beauties / Student : Dalla Mackensie
  • KBS / Escaping Crisis, Number One / Student Interview
  • MBC / An Introduction to Countries’ Cultures
  • MBC / Good Eats Showdown / Foreigners Who Love Spicy Food
  • KBS / The Gold Pentagon / Pitching Audition Show
  • KBS / Secrets to Living / Foreigner’s Hangover Cures
  • KBS / In Search of Hallyu Stars
  • SBS / Cook / The Surprising Taste of Korean Beef
  • SBS / New Broadcast : Foreigner Interview “ Go Japan!”
  • Arirang TV / Best Friend Party Interview Broadcast
  • Arirang TV / The Foods Foreigners Think Are the Spiciest
  • Arirang TV / What Foreigners Think of Korean’s Hurried Attitude
  • Food TV / Selecting Korea’s Representative Chef
  • Channel A / What Westerners Think About Dreams

Celebrity Experts’ Language Class

  • Movie Actors and Musical Actors “Jung Hee Moon” Japanese Class
  • New Hallyu’s – Group Folk Stories “Dong Wan Kim.” Japanese and English Classes
  • Super Star K3 Top 11 “Chris” Korean Class
  • Drama “Ba-Dum, Ba-Dum…” Talent “Jae Woo Lee” Japanese Class
  • Hallyu Singer’s Drama “49 Days” Original Soundtrack’s Singer of Shin Jae. Japanese Off-Site Class
  • “The Feast of the Gods”: Talent, Seo Hyun Jin, English and French Class

Media Coverage

Over 20 domestic news articles written about Mins, CEO of Best Friend Korean Language & Culture Center