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Accommodation, visa, school registration, pick-up, and 24 hour emergency services exclusively for foreigners.
Don’t prepare for your Korean study abroad experience alone.
Go through Best Friend and get prepared easily and safely!

· • Why only Best Friend for your Korean Study Abroad?
Best Friend leading the market in Korean study abroad programs After returning from
study abroad in Canada and Japan, and bringing home the information and systems
related to study abroad that Korea was lacking, Best Friend was established
as a volunteer support group for foreigners living in Korea. In the beginning it was a difficult road.
However, now that the Korean wave has started sweeping over America, Japan,
Germany, France, the Netherlands, Russia, Taiwan, Singapore, Africa, Malaysia,
Kuwait and other countries worldwide, Best Friend has been discovered and
our system continues to receive acknowledgment. Now, study abroad in Korea must change.
Together let’s make a global Korea!
• Offering services for the following
1) Foreign agencies preparing clients for Korean study abroad
2) Foreigners preparing for study abroad in Korea
3) Foreign-born native Korean children or relatives studying
abroad in Korea
4) Those with visa troubles or complications finding accommodation
5) Those who would like foreign language study abroad support

Best Friendnot only acts as a Korean Language school, but operates as a Korean study abroad agency as well, making Korean study abroad not only possible, but also making the process more affordable. We have Japanese, English, and Chinese speaking staff available to offer complete personalized service.

One of the most stressful things for foreigners living abroad in Korea is definitely housing. Facilities can be cramped, expensive, dirty,
poorly located, and require complicated rental agreements. Situations such as these far too often give a rather poor impression of Korea.
Best Friend holds the belief that the image of accommodation culture in Korea can be changed, and for the last several years
we have been making efforts to develop more suitable housing options for foreigners and short-term stays. Finally the process is complete.
Not only do we now offer great accommodations, but we also have Japanese and English speaking staff available
to provide assistance in the case that any problems arise.

While normally a one-year contract would be required, through Best Friend, short-term contracts of one month or less are now possible. Rooms are located within a 15 minute walk from school, and include all of the basic amenities such as bed, desk, washing machine, refrigerator, air-conditioning, private kitchen, and internet. Tenants can enjoy living freely and independently, unlike other communal-style accommodations. Perhaps the most special feature is the ability for tenants to move in without having to pay the fortune of a deposit typically demanded by apartment managers..
A combination of a private one-room and a home stay, the Korean house share offers a private room in a shared home. Experience Korean family culture and enjoy everyday language exchange. Free use of shared kitchen. Enjoy the comforts of private, individual living space without the interference of a host.
Offers an opportunity to experience Korean domestic life first hand while studying the Korean language. Meals provided twice per week.
Take advantage of the opportunity to increase Korean language skills through one hour per day conversation practice with your host family. Meals provided twice daily on weekdays, three times daily on weekends. Once a week, enjoy a family outing to visit popular tourist attractions and gain a meaningful experience of Korean culture. Feel like a true family member by celebrating Korean Holidays such as Lunar New Year (Seollal), Harvest Moon Festival (Chuseok) and Parent’s Day. A very special accommodation experience.
In order to come to Korea, depending on one’s nationality, there are various different documents needed and often complicated terms and conditions to get a visa. Best Friend will offer visa support by issuing the necessary documents such as acceptance letter or invitation letter, so as to help you obtain your Korean visa without complications.
Take advantage of our pick-up service to take you safely and comfortably from airport arrivals, all the way to our school or your accommodations.
In order for foreigners to use a cell phone in Korea, they usually need a Korean friend to help them make the service contract with the telecom company. However, through Best Friend, you can receive a pay-as-you-go phone directly, the same day without any complications. We’ll take care of the registration for you, and explain all of the terms of use so you know what you’re getting.
This insurance created exclusively for foreigners offers prices two to three times less expensive than other countries and covers against unexpected sickness or accidents. A very good investment to give yourself and your family peace of mind during your travels.
Minako (Japanese) [Working holiday student]

What was the reason for studying at Best Friend in Korea?

I was hoping to get a teaching work in Korea for some time. When I was searching for an agency to support for planning the study in Korea, I found Best Friend where they support foreign students with working holiday visa. I was relieved by the fact that there was Japanese staff in the Best Friend and get support from them. So I decided to apply through Best Friend.
  Can you tell us the procedure to find the part time job?

Although I got working holiday visa, I was worried that I could not find the part time job. But Best Friend staffs helped me to write up the CV and introduced me for a part time job. As I took Korean regular course before working, it turned out be very useful.

Can you tell us about the accommodation?

I guess choosing the accommodation is the trickiest part for the students studying abroad. I was surprised that I could stay in private studio so that I can invite my friends freely and my privacy is protected. It was furnished studio so I didn’t have to much things after I moved in. It was assuring that I could get help from Best Friend.

Can you tell us about unforgettable memory?

There was only small number of students in the class so I could ask many questions to the teacher. Also field trip was such a fun experience. I went to a strawberry farm and it was really interesting and entertaining.
Silvia (German) [Regular course student]

What was your impression about Best Friend? 

I liked the design of homepage and I was impressed that I could get various services through Best Friend. Application process was very simple and I could get answers from counselors easily.
  What do you like about Best Friend course?

In other language centers, most students are from few countries but at Best Friend I could meet students from all over the world. It was really good to make friends from different parts of the world. Also there is small number of students per class; I could get support from my teacher easily. It was very practical to do presentation in the lesson as I learned a lot about other cultures and my presentation skills improved too.

Please tell us about Global Party.

Perhaps, there may be limited chances to build up relationship during the lesson but joining parties naturally opened up the opportunities to make friends easily. It was really exciting in the party as I could meet so many different people. I met my Korean boy friend in the party!

Would like to study again at Best Friend?

If I had opportunities to study Korean again, I would definitely come back to Best Friend to study. I could gradually improve my Korean skills and my teachers were very supportive all the time.